The Jones Center for Special Education Excellence is a nonprofit organization established by the family of Bill and Joan Jones in association with Bloomsburg University, Department of Exceptionality Programs.

The mission is to assist individuals with exceptionalities and their families. The Jones Center will seek to accomplish this through professional development programs, educational institutes, family supports, and scholarships. At the Jones Center we believe that the best way to plan for and support change is through a transdisciplinary team approach of communication, cooperation, and collaboration.
JCSEE is dedicated to charitable, educational, and collaborative purposes by:

  • Sponsoring programs that enhance the quality of direct services for individuals with disabilities in early intervention programs, K-12 special education programs, and adult services;
  • Providing resources to sponsor educational institutes for N-12 teachers and related service professionals;
  • Sponsoring opportunities for interdisciplinary educational forums;
  • Sponsoring an informational resource center for families with individuals that have exceptionalities;
  • Establishing a scholarship fund to support Bloomsburg University special education majors.


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The "Dream" is to ensure that all individuals with exceptionalities receive appropriate education and support services that are derived from their unique abilities and talents. And that they are provided by professionals willing and equipped to use educational methods that produce meaningful, measurable, and successful outcomes. The objective is to bring together families and professionals from medical, educational, social services, and other disciplines to share, learn, debate, and advocate for services that meet the needs of all individuals with exceptionalities in our local communities.
In partnership with the Bloomsburg University,Department of Exceptionality Programs, our steps include:

  • Utilizing an Advisory Council consisting of families and professionals to direct the activities of the Jones Center for Special Education Excellence;
  • Establishing By-Laws of the Center;
  • Conducting fund raising activities for the Jones Endowment and Operating Funds for the Jones Center;
  • Collaborating with the Bloomsburg University, Department of Exceptionality Programs faculty to determine the focus and scope of continuing education opportunities for community professionals and families.


At the Jones Center for Special Education Excellence:

  • We are individuals
  • We are self-advocates
  • We are families
  • We are educators
  • We are medical professionals
  • We are support staff providers
  • We are administrators
  • We are a team


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